The founders of Fleurs du Monde share the same passion for quality products, they bring you the guarantee to do everything possible to allow you to consume products that are healthy for the body and nutritious for the skin.


Phd. Khalil

Dr. Khalil is a cosmetic formula and innovation scientist, he managed a pharmaceutical laboratory in Aleppo for several years and is also dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. He is entirely dedicated to the creation of 100% natural product lines, with a constant concern for improving the health and well-being of consumers. Having left his country following the dramatic events, he has rebuilt his life in France, entirely dedicated to a rebirth. Production is partly carried out in France and by Syrians, settled in Turkey.

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Arnaud Dionisi

Mr. Dionisi has dedicated his professional career to the management and development of brands, he has advised major companies in the field of communication, he brings his skills in business development and research of innovative products.

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